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D. Johnson & Co Greetings
D. Johnson & Co Greetings caters to the culturally specific niche of the greeting card industry primarily for African Americans and other people of color. At D. Johnson & Co Greetings, our focus is to share creativity and love in handcrafted, custom, one-of-a-kind greeting cards of the finest craftsmanship and artistry quality; made uniquely for you!

My name is Deniesha J. Johnson and I founded D. Johnson & Co Greetings in May 2020. This business had become my calm and center during this storm (the COVID-19 pandemic) because I was able to use it as an outlet to be creative, share my gifts, while I gave a little love & kindness in every card.

I have 34 years of art & design background as an artist who has done paintings, drawings/sketches, sculpting and more! I am a self-taught graphic designer making my one-of-a-kind greetings for you today!

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Deniesha Johnson
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