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PNKT Choreography
"PNKT Choreography was founded by Pratyusha Karnati and Nitya Tarakad in an effort to offer the most holistic and all-encompassing choreography services for weddings! We realized that couples don’t have the time to source music as well as create and learn dance pieces on top of planning for their big day. That’s where we come in!

Let us take the reins on your wedding dances and simplify your wedding planning. Discover the perfect budget-friendly, high-quality, stress-free choreography you’ve been looking for. Our one-stop-shop offers personalized choreography, music mix generation, video tutorials, and online Zoom sessions.

We’ve worked predominantly with South Asian couples, but our services are open to everyone! We can teach in multiple styles, ranging from Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Duets, and more. Dance is such a beautiful way to showcase your love for your loved ones. Let us help you find your perfect style!"

Hindi, Telugu

Languages Spoken: 

Pratyusha Karnati & Nitya Tarakad
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